There’s Another Refugee Crisis Happening — And You’ve Probably Never Heard About It

One thought on “There’s Another Refugee Crisis Happening — And You’ve Probably Never Heard About It”

  1. Well Ben I guess I’m one of the ‘silent majority’ as I am not happy with the current asylum seeker policy of our Government. Unfortunately the policy has proved a deterrent to the people smugglers as there are far fewer boats making the treacherous journey to our shores. We witnessed some heart wrenching drownings off shore when some totally inadequate boats broke up during heavy seas and it proved impossible to rescue all those on board. I really don’t know what the perfect solution is but hope we can somehow come up with a much more humane solution. After all, like America, we are a Nation of immigrants and we owe our immigrants so much. Australia does have an Immigration Policy under which 212,700 people immigrated in 2013-14 (reference Australian Bureau of Statistics 3412.0 Migration, Australia, 2013-14) 9.7% less than the previous year. Although the Government has committed to accept some Syrian refugees I think there most definitely is a case for increasing our intake of asylum seekers.

    I think we do need to bear in mind that the U.S. border with Mexico is also an area where would be immigrants are definitely not welcomed with open arms.

    Thank you Ben for your article the more light shed on this issue the better. As I feel open debate is the best way to eventually come up with a solution that is acceptable and fair for all concerned.


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